Press Release

CABA has commissioned a consortium of three (3) reputable firms, Sustainable Environmental Solutions Inc., ECD Energy and Environment Canada and IBI Group, to develop the CABA Intelligent Building Ranking Tool.

The CABA Building Intelligence Quotient (BIQ) will be an easy-to-use WEB-based online ranking tool accessible on demand. The tool and its proposed incumbent certification program will increase market penetrability of intelligent building technology with building owners, operators, managers and designers by demonstrating value and providing guidance.

"The Building Intelligence Quotient Consortium was chosen because of its willingness to develop a revenue sharing model with CABA as well as seek additional funding," stated Ronald J. Zimmer, CABA President & CEO. "The Consortium members are experts in their respective fields and will be engaging their fellow CABA Intelligent & Integrated Buildings Council members in developing the infrastructure for the building intelligence certification process."

The ranking tool will have three functions. It will serve as:

The modular assessment will initially generate a report that will provide benchmark rankings as well as recommendations for improvements in the following categories: communication systems; building automation, annunciation, security and control systems; facility management applications; and building structure and systems.

"We are extremely pleased to be able to work cooperatively on this important industry project with CABA," said David Katz, project manager for the BIQ Consortium. "Building professionals are increasing their acceptance of ranking systems for the building’s energy performance, environmental attributes and emergency preparedness. When complete, the CABA BIQ will compliment these systems and be the preeminent certification and ranking tool for building intelligence."